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Which is best the SMSTS or SSSTS Course?


Understanding which one of these courses is best suited for you and which course should you take – SMSTS or SSSTS?

SMSTS or SSSTS depends upon your job role

It’s important to choose the right course for your job position, industry and responsibilities. SMSTS or SSSTS are the two major health and safety courses for the construction industry. Which one of these courses is best suited for you will depend upon whether you’re a manager or supervisor.

Should I take the SMSTS or SSSTS Course?

Choosing the right course for you means first understanding the key difference between the two qualifications. The SMSTS 5 day course and SSSTS 2 day course cover much of the same information but the SMSTS course goes into much deeper detail. This is because it’s designed for managers to be able to implement safety systems within the workplace - whereas the SSSTS is designed to give supervisors the skills needed to ensure compliance with these systems.

SSSTS is the construction industry standard for first line managers and Supervisors

The SSSTS course is aimed at first line managers and Supervisors or individuals progressing towards a first line management or supervisory position. The content on the SSSTS course is about increasing understanding and awareness for new managers. The key aim is to understand the need for good practice and what good practice is. The site supervising course is designed for foremen, first line managers, supervisors and team leaders. If you are a supervisor working on a site that belongs to the Major Contractors Group or a UKCG site, the SSSTS certificate will be required.

SMSTS is an identifiable qualification for construction managers

If you are involved in the management or planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and administering construction safety - you can only work on a site if you are SMSTS certificated. SMSTS is very focused on law, regulatory requirements and specific good practice as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive. So the site management course is designed for project managers, supervisors and site managers – as well as owners of small to medium sized businesses.

Why choose RISK for your SMSTS or SSSTS Course?

Whichever course you choose, it is very important to make sure that you are taking your qualification from a legitimate and certified training provider. RISK have been one of the leading construction industry training providers since 1997. Prior to this in 1995 the directors of RISK were instrumental in setting up CITB courses within the MOD. RISK also provide a Guaranteed Pass Scheme. RISK guarantee to support, train, coach and mentor you until you pass your chosen CITB Course.

Need more help and advice?

If you are in any doubt you can call upon RISK to provide health & safety advice on the best qualifications for your career development or company - as well as the very highest standards of industry relevant training.