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Attend SSSTS London Training and Benefit

4 Benefits of SSSTS London Training

If you’re considering sending staff on our local SSSTS London Training, it may be worth helping them to consider how this course can benefit them personally and inspiring them to attend and pass their CITB Site Supervisor training.

4 Benefits of SSSTS London Training to Consider

Often SSSTS training is organised by companies looking to make sure that they meet every legal aspect of health and safety requirements on site.

However, there are benefits you can also gain in addition to increasing your health and safety knowledge for your role on site, here are 4 benefits to consider from attending our SSSTS London training course:

1. The safety of your friends and colleagues

A construction site is a dangerous place. With enhanced skills from SSSTS London training to identify risks, you can direct safe working practices to protect site workers; meaning that after work you can meet them down the local pub, rather than at the local hospital.

2. Proof that you are the right person for the job

When you attend a SSSTS London course, you can clearly show that you hold the necessary skills to carry out your role properly as a Site Supervisor. Proving that you meet the legal requirements for your company and ensuring you remain an asset that they won’t want to lose – so it could help back up a request if you’re after a small salary increase.

3. Gain an advantage for job progression

With SSSTS accreditation, you immediately hold an advantage over others that aren’t qualified for health and safety supervision. This affords you good opportunity to pursue and be considered for a promotion, for a new Management role or as a candidate for SMSTS training.

4. It Doesn’t Take Long to Achieve

The good news is that attending SSSTS training requires only 2 days of your time at a convenient London location. With a brief multiple-choice test at the end you’ll be back to work and even more capable and confident than you were before.

To obtain these benefits and more by attending SSSTS London training, visit our SSSTS London course page for more details.

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