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Site Supervisory Training for Construction Benefits

Boosting Business with SSSTS London Training

With the right SSSTS London training, not only are you meeting your legal obligations as a construction site employer, but you can also reap the benefits of properly trained staff.

Improve Your Business with SSSTS Training

SSSTS London Courses with RISK Health and Safety Training are an ideal option, not just for smaller budgets but for all organisations who are interested in value for money and a comprehensive learning package.

In just 2 days of SSSTS London training, your site supervisory staff can be equipped with essential health and safety knowledge that will enable them to minimise risk for overall safety of your construction sites.

How does this help you?

The training provided at SSSTS London course venues help support your business with:

  • Reduced accidents on site to eliminate downtime
  • Safer working environment for efficiency and happier labourers
  • Morale boosts to help retain skilled employees for longer
  • Avoidance of legal battles and injury claims that can rise into the millions
  • Quick training of only 2 days for minimal time away from work
  • Great value for money with 5 years valid SSSTS certificate
  • All the required health and safety knowledge for site supervisor roles
  • Reassurance that you’ve met your legal obligation as an employer


With CITB SSSTS London training courses provided through RISK Health and Safety, you can be sure of great value for money as well as a range of benefits for your business.

For dates and times of SSSTS London courses that suit your busy schedule or for on site training, visit our SSSTS London page where you can discover a money back guarantee if you find a more convenient location or timescale.

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