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NEBOSH or SMSTS London Courses? Do You Need Both?

NEBOSH and SMSTS: The Differences

It’s a common question many London based Site Managers find themselves asking: do I need an SMSTS certificate if I already hold NEBOSH?

RISK Health and Safety Training looks at the differences:

SMSTS London based training?

  • SMSTS is easier to obtain than NEBOSH with a lower cost for training
  • Is recognised in the Approved Code of Practice for Construction CDM regulations as evidence of competence for the role of site manager
  • SMSTS is highly regarded within the construction industry
  • Most Site Manager roles require SMSTS training
  • SMSTS London courses take only 5 days
  • The course contains lots of practical advice that is directly applicable to the role of Construction Site Managers

NEBOSH London based training?

  • NEBOSH is a higher level qualification and associated costs reflect this
  • Each module for NEBOSH requires at least 5 days training and there usually is more than one module
  • NEBOSH is regarded as very valuable for roles with that have high responsibilities for health and safety and covers a range of industries
  • NEBOSH certificates provide a great foundation for individuals that wish to pursue fulltime Health and Safety careers or gain deeper knowledge of health and safety requirements.


As you can see, there are interesting differences in obtaining SMSTS or NEBOSH certificates – however if you have, or are seeking, a role as a London Construction Site Manager, then attending your local SMSTS London training course will provide you with the reassurance that you definitely meet all the prerequisites of the job.

To discover more benefits associated with SMSTS training or to book on to one of our weekly, conveniently located SMSTS London courses simply visit our SMSTS London course page. For all other health and safety courses visit Risk Health and Safety today.