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Benefits of NEBOSH Training for Small Businesses

Managing Health and Safety with NEBOSH London Courses

Legislation for health and safety applies to all businesses, large or small. So is there a straightforward way to ensure compliance? We explore how NEBOSH London based training has helped local small businesses gain compliance.


With fast-track NEBOSH London based training, small businesses can quickly take control of their health and safety obligations by bringing valuable skills and knowledge in-house to access any time they require.

With just a small investment for the UK’s most widely recognised qualification for health and safety management NEBOSH, small businesses will benefit from:

  • Peace of Mind knowing that well-trained staff, procedures, policies and risk assessments are all in place to protect workers and meet legal obligations.


  • Avoiding Hefty Costs associated with legal battles and fines due to injuries or accidents which could have been prevented with the right training and safety management.


  • Reduced down time from work related absences, time spent arranging and covering workloads or sick pay as workers continue to thrive in their healthier, safer working environments.


  • Improvements with Staff Morale and a reduction in recruitment costs as staff and customer satisfaction increase through trust and teamwork.


Simply by investing in their local NEBOSH London based training, small businesses can bring in the necessary skills to ensure that their business is health and safety compliant; a relatively small cost compared to the massive legal fees and penalties that accompany businesses who choose to neglect appropriate health and safety measures.

For more details on exactly what is involved in obtaining a NEBOSH qualification and where NEBOSH London training takes place, visit our NEBOSH London course page, or for all other health and safety courses visit RISK Health and Safety Training.