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Meeting Legal Requirements by Reducing Construction Risks

Meeting Legal Requirements with SMSTS London Training

With construction sites representing one of the most dangerous work environments, construction businesses need to put in place systems to protect works. RISK Training offers SMSTS London based courses that help management staff implement the right systems to reduce hazards on site.

Using SMSTS Training Knowledge to Minimise Construction Hazards

RISK Training’s SMSTS London courses offer those responsible for managing construction sites with the knowledge and skills to ensure health and safety for employees.

Covering topics such as management of occupational health, the SMSTS course supports managers and site supervisors to not just identify safety hazards but health risks that include exposure to dangerous substances.

With construction workers more likely to face risks of fatal accidents or diseases caused by their work environment; it’s more important than ever for site management staff to attend training such as with RISK SMSTS London courses and manage hazards on site even before work is conducted.

RISK Training hold conveniently located SMSTS London based courses that cover training over a 5 day period and offer a guaranteed pass rate that can support managers in their efforts to minimise risks and meet legal obligations for construction sites.

To book your place on one of our RISK SMSTS London courses, simply visit our SMSTS London training page for more details. Or for further information on other health and safety courses such as SSSTS, visit Risk Health and Safety today.