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SMSTS Course Testimonial - Paul Martin


My name is Paul Martin I come from Derby, my job role is Site Manager and I work for Mansel Construction of Nottingham. I needed to take my SMSTS because of continuing my training with Mansels, we chose RISK because Mansel over the years have been with RISK all of the time, I came here 5 years ago to take an SMSTS Refresher course and that is why I am here again today.

The last time I experienced classroom training was at Mansels offices at Derby, this is very good I have really enjoyed coming here, as I said it is the second time I have been here and its' very nice.

What was I most apprehensive about? The test in a sense because I havn't done any tests in a long time. Over the period of the two days we have done 3 tests and it has been very good and has now getting me into the role of taking the test in another hour or two.

The instructors have been brilliant, what I have been learning over the last two days has reflected back, because when they talk to you about certain things you get back into it, its been really good, I have remembered things from 5 years ago.

I would give the RISK approach 10 out of 10, last time it was brilliant, I have come again with Mike and its' absolutely fantastic, I feel confident and I can go back now and make changes to my site.

I enjoyed the fact that the people of RISK are very confident in what they say and how they get it across. If you don't understand you can just ask and that is a good thing. These people at RISK say just ask and they tell me and tell me again if I don't get it right.

I would suggest others use RISK because they are very good people to work with, they get it across and that's the main thing. 5 years from last time to now and I am still feeling confident every time I come here I want to come here to Mansfield and that's the beauty of it.