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SMSTS Course Testimonial - Tom Hope

My name is Tom Hope and I live in Baildon in Bradford.

I am a mechanical and electrical co-ordinator and I work for GB Building Solutions based in Wakefield.

I needed to take the SMSTS Course as a requirement for GB as I have only just started working for them and one of their stipulations was that I should take the SMSTS Course. The last time I undertook classroom style training was I think when I was doing my A Levels about 10 years ago. The SMSTS Course compared to the classroom style learning that I did is a little bit different. The learning that we have done here is very fluid and it encourages open discussion which is a very good thing.

The SMSTS Course was obviously geared towards site management which is not an aspect of building I was very aware of or familiar with -- so that was the thing I was most apprehensive about regards the course.

Having taken the SMSTS Course now, there is an awful lot of in depth knowledge that is given to you about the site management aspect and the tutor also covered in depth a lot of the things to do with scaffolding, erecting scaffold, safety management. This helped me a great deal because I didn't have that foundation when I started the course.

I'd rate the SMSTS Course and the RISK approach to doing this course as absolutely 'top notch' -- the teaching methods are a lot better than the classroom learning I had done before. You are encouraged to talk, ask questions and given a real foundation of knowledge that helps enormously.

The thing I enjoyed most the SMSTS Course was probably the fact that at the beginning you are given the tools to learn and I think that in fact, the five day SMSTS Course gives you the tools to learn and you can now go away and apply that knowledge or start the real on site learning. The tutors that we had are very well read on the topics -- you can ask questions and you get an in depth answer to get to the very bottom of what the legislation is all about -- which for me is a rarity!

The reason I would recommend RISK to anyone considering doing the SMSTS Course really boils down to the level of tuition you get. The SMSTS Course that I've just attended over the last 5 days has been really worthwhile. The tutor knows the subject intrinsically. Even the medical aspects -- I have found out things I didn't know even on a personal level. It has been quite an interesting course -- very enjoyable and would recommend it to everyone.