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SMSTS Course Testimonial - Steven Olive

My name is Steven Olive and I live in Doncaster.

My job role is normally a project or construction Manager depending on the job.

I chose RISK and this location for the SMSTS Course training due to the SMSTS Course being available for when I could take it. Before starting the SMSTS Course I was a bit worried that it would be too big a group and I was a bit nervous with a five day as to what the exam would be at the end.

The SMSTS Course that I've taken this time with RISK compared to my old SMSTS Course -- I found very easy, understandable and the tutor helped a lot more. After I had done the SMSTS Course it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be -- it was a lot easier, friendlier and I found the instructor very helpful, very patient, knowledgeable and if you struggled on anything he was there with the answer or there to guide you through the booklet which explained in more detail on how to use it.

The RISK approach was absolutely great -- personally I found it a lot easier this time using the book and how it was explained to me.