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SMSTS Course Testimonial - Richard Bennett

My name is Richard Bennett and I live near Sheffield. My job role is a project manager in Construction.

The SMSTS Course is currently the preferred qualification that most employers are requiring. I chose RISK as I've already completed my NEBOSH both General and Construction qualification.

Last time I experienced classroom training was with RISK in October. Comparing SMSTS Course to the NEBOSH qualification I find that the SMSTS is a more fundamental course and qualification to take on board. The information of the SMSTS Course was conveyed extremely well. One of the main reasons for returning to RISK for this SMSTS Course was because of the training that was given by Dave Pettit and other training lecturers.

The GE700 is a very easy document to understand once you get used to it. It explains the procedures and processes very well and is laid out so that everyone can understand it -- in a plain, layman like term.

I would recommend RISK at Mansfield for CITB SMSTS Course training because it is of a quality that cannot be surpassed. You are not taught to 'pass' the qualification -- you are taught 'the' qualification and the contents of it. It is a very good course to take and RISK is a very good SMSTS Course provider and I would recommend them to anyone.