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SMSTS Course Testimonial - Frank Bettison

My name is Frank Bettinson and I live in Berwick-on-Tweed in Northumberland.

My job role is a self employed engineer and I now work within the Utilities industry.
I took the SMSTS course because I felt that it would lead into a management role in the future.

I had not heard of RISK -- before I went on-line and saw that they had the nearest SMSTS course available to me. The last time I experienced any classroom training was about 8 months ago when I was doing a National Grid course called the NSI8.
I would suggest that the SMSTS course was better because we had more of a personal attention from the tutor.I

was apprehensive about the SMSTS Course initially, because I didn't know what the content was going to be but as the course went on it became very clear we were going to get the right kind of advice and help along the way. I would say that Dave Pettit is a real asset to RISK in the way that he performs and in the way that he delivers the SMSTS Course. It’s extremely concise.

The best thing about the SMSTS Course was the openness, friendliness and the way it was delivered. From my experience it’s got to be one of the best courses I have ever attended.