CITB Courses Online

CITB courses delivered online by RISK Health and Safety Training

RISK delivers the SMSTS, SSSTS and Refresher courses remotely online, with tutor led video conference creating a virtual classroom experience.

RISK is an award winning organisation with highly experienced CITB training providers.

The first company to book and deliver the new virtual classroom CITB courses with an online exam.

Our support team and Personal Learning Zone are on hand to guide you through the process of remote tutor led learning.

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RISK CITB Courses Online

RISK online tutor led CITB courses are practical, entertaining and realistic 'to the real world'.

RISK have been one of the leading construction industry training providers since 1997. Prior to this in 1995 the directors of RISK were instrumental in setting up CITB courses within the MOD.

RISK is committed to providing every delegate with the highest level of training and pioneered delivery of CITB courses remotely using video conferencing. The majority of our courses are now delivered online in a virtual classroom using zoom, which we've found to be more bandwidth friendly than Teams. This is supported by our unique online 'Personal Learning Zone' which provides access to a learning framework, course slides and structured notes.

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 SMSTS courses online

  SMSTS Refresher courses online

 SSSTS courses online

 SSSTS Refresher courses online

 Site Safety Awareness e-learning courses

 SMETS e-learning courses

 Temporary Works Co-ordinator courses online

 Temporary Works Supervisor courses online


Why choose RISK for your CITB online course?

The 'Personal Learning Zone' provides 24/7 access to support your online SMSTS and SSSTS courses. It's mobile friendly, works on your favourite device, can be used as a pre-course prep 'on the go' - as well as supporting you throughout the course - right up to the exam.

Every training provider will tell you their materials are the best, but we honestly believe we have the leading support materials to help you get the most from your training with us.

The idea is you can get started as soon as your course joining instructions hit your 'inbox' - because all of the course materials are made immediately available to you.

It provides a unique combination of highly effective support tools and structured learning frameworks.

Pre-course preparation information pack – your course warm up!

Course framework - makes learning easy!

Revision tools – 24/7 support up to your exam!


RISK CITB Online Courses

RISK Health & Safety are an award winning training company, a course provider and not a broker, so what does this mean?

Experienced trainers who do the job, not just teach it in a classroom

An accredited training provider and not a broker on commission

Remote classroom courses or delivered 'in-company'


3 Reasons to choose RISK for your CITB Online Courses

#1 - RISK an accredited training provider for CITB courses. Which means we can't make false claims and adhere to the strictest codes of practice.

#2 - RISK fully support the courses delivered, with 1-2-1 tutor support out of hours. Our helpline can answer your CITB course questions first time, plus we guarantee the quality of the trainer, materials and if 'face to face' the venue.

#3 - No hidden costs. Depending on the course you're thinking of taking, there are numerous ways a to hide the true costs to make a sale. Often, you only find out what the real price is when you attend the first day. RISK Health & Safety have no hidden costs, but call us and we'll tell you what questions to ask to make sure you don't get caught out if you're thinking of booking elsewhere.


Book online today or call us 01623 749718

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